It is to be noted that these terms and conditions are updated from time to time and the latest applicable on the company will be available on the website. In no condition can anyone hold the company liable on the previous terms and conditions. Company is only bound by the terms updated on the website. Here in after the Company is also referred to as “the transporter”


When a customer wishes to avail our services for transportation of any kind of goods, they need to request a quotation of the material to be transported by disclosing all the material information.

The necessary quotation will be provided, which will be valid only for 24hours. The quotation is only valid for 24 hours, as the following prices keep fluctuating;

  1. Fuel costs.
  2. Insurance.
  3. The labour market for commercial drivers.
  4. Demand for freight etc.

This quotation is valid for 24 hours from when it is sent by the transporter.
Market rate is different for month start, mid-month and month end, so accordingly the rates also vary.

Once the quotation is approved, the consignor has to comply with all the mandatory disclosures and other government regulations.

Once the goods are received by the transporter for transportation, the transporter has the right to re-weight, re-measure and check whether the goods and their quantity match with the quotation request letter, if not then accordingly recalculate the freight amount. The consignor/consignee shall then will have to agree to the revised price, only on ratification, the material will be transported.

3 copies of invoices will be generated, one will be with the consignor, one will be the transporter copy and the third will be the consignee’s copy. Dockett and Invoice are issued with the dispatch of goods.

The payment has to be made within 7 days of issuance of the invoice.

The customer has to obtain delivery of goods from the transporter’s destination office within 3 days of their arrival, by surrendering the original consignee copy of lorry receipt and complete the payment of accured freight, octroi and other charges immediately.

Upon failure by any customer to obtain delivery within 3 days of arrival, the transport operator will be entitled to levy storage charges of Rs 8 00 per OH Or part thereof per day.

In case of door to door delivery, on reaching the destination, the transported goods will be unloaded only on the receipt of the consignee’s copy and on completion of the payment.

By accepting to avail the services of Gurukul or its agents, Customer and any other party with an interest in the goods, agree to the following Terms and Conditions provided and give the following declaration herewith.


The consignor declares that



Transporter shall neither be liable nor responsible for any damages in any manner whatsoever for any failure or delay to perform or fulfill any of their obligations under this Agreement when such failure or delay is due to fire, riot, strike, lockout, war, civil commotion, malicious damage, accident, breakdown of vehicles, fire, flood, storm, acts of God, omissions or acts of public authorities preventing or delaying performance of obligation relating to acts of public authorities, including changes in law, regulations or policies of the Government, regulatory authority acts beyond the control of the transporter, or for any other reasons which cannot reasonably be forecast or provided against, and which cannot be predicted by men of ordinary prudence.


This Agreement shall, in all respects, be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws applicable to the Republic of India

If any dispute arises as to the terms of this Agreement, the Parties agree to select a mutually acceptable neutral third party to help them mediate within 1 (one) month from delivery of notice by one Party to the other Party. If the mediation is unsuccessful, the parties agree that the dispute shall be decided by a sole arbitrator in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final. Costs and fees (other than any attorney’s fees) associated with the arbitration shall be shared equally by the Parties. Each party shall be responsible for its attorneys‟ fees, travel costs and miscellaneous expenditures of Parties associated with arbitration. The venue and seat of arbitration shall be Bangalore.

The Parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of a competent court in Bangalore and waive any objection to such proceedings on grounds of venue or on the grounds that the proceedings have been brought in an inconvenient forum.

Payment of Taxes

The person responsible for payment, (consignor or consignee) shall pay GST as per applicable rates on the type of goods transported. The transporter shall levy the latest applicable rates only, and also provide a copy of invoice containing the GST amount, so that the Consignor or Consignee booking the carrier can claim ITC of the same.